5 Fit Travel Tips

How to take your workout on the road with you!
When I’m traveling, on vacation or away for a weekend it’s easy to eat every meal at a restaurant and drink everyday. I have been fit conscience since I can remember but over the past 15 years things have changed dramatically. When I was younger I had 1 Rule-
If It rains , I work out.
Fast forward 15 years my new rule is – get up early, get active and enjoy the rest of my day without any guilt. This includes being able to eat local foods and have a drink here and there.
It may have taken many years of trial and error but finally I have set up a  successful “travel fitness regimen”
I no longer need a fitness facility to workout, if there’s ground I can trek it and If there’s space I’ll create a Tabata or HIIT workout for myself.

*there’s also some great apps to help create these works outs such as N+TC Nike Training Club App


 2. The Flight – I have learned how not to let my healthy eating habits get stuck behind at the security line.
Airlines are starting to give healthier options but not all,  and even the “fit boxes” are loaded with sugar.
Fruit plates or dried fruit are not my idea of a healthy option so here’s what I pack:
– Nuts
-Protein powder (shaker too , I highly recommend the Smart Shake) Smart Shake
– Freezer pack bag with yogurt, avocado, sliced cucumber, celery, peppers  and tuna
Dry Oatmeal (ask for hot water and a cup) or Better Oats Steel Cut Oats
Cinnamon (for my oatmeal)
Lots of Truvia
I try to book a hotel with a fridge and always ask ahead of time because sometimes they have a fridge but will not supply you with one unless you ask. I will go to the local market as soon as I leave the airport and grab essentials like cottage cheese yogurt to hold myself over between meals . And GNC if there is one close by to get my Lean Shakes
– I wake up before my friends/family or travel partner and go for a run. Sometimes I find the local fitness center.
**If u do Crossfit, Yoga or u practice any other style of fitness look ahead and see if u can do a drop in class at a local facility
I look to see if my local gym has a location near where I’m staying- Bonus if my hotel has a fitness facility
One hour later, I’m finished and my travel mates are still usually sleeping! I feel great and I haven’t disturbed anybody’s schedule
4. Don’t leave home without it

– workout bands , they are weightless and fit in any bag Go FIT makes a variety of bands for streching to

GO FIT Power Loops

Believe it or not this little guy its the most amazing thing to hit the market in years. Does it feel good? If you like the pain of pleasure and the ability to increase your mobility by double then yes it feels good. But I warn you its a step beyond the foam rollers.
 5. Alcohol on Vacation
Here’s my trick enjoying the tropical drinks without all of the sugar :

Order a Mojito or Caipirnha and ask the bartender to leave out the simple syrup, then  hand them 2 packs of Truvia. They are usually happy to substitute the sugar for you and after you can to enjoy the cocktail of your choice with much less sugar then the original recipe.

Most importantly enjoy your vacation!!!