Fashionably Fit

Strong has become the new sexy, fitness is becoming more popular everyday, and workout clothes are becoming more stylish. So, where do we draw the line for what is acceptable as everyday gear and what is out right lazy? How do you accessorize your workout gear if it is an “all day” outfit ?  When does wearing workout clothes become obnoxious & rude, and when can you blend-in with the crowd? AND WHY? Why do you want to wear work out gear when you aren’t at the gym?

Here’s my biggest issue :
What purse do I wear when I’m walking around the city in my “workout gear” and in my situation, when I’m heading to work.

My LVs (Louis Vuitton) are great, they are versatile and I love them like some people love their children but nothing says gaudy more then a LV bag, pair of running sneaks and Capri work out pants!!! I can’t rock a backpack as a purse unless its really really fashionable and that look went out circa 1998.

So, what does one wear as a purse when wearing workout clothes ?
Well nothing in my closet, so I decided to take a stroll thru Soho and ask some of the well known purse/bag stores what they suggest.

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 2.50.12 PM

Michael Kors Jet Set Multifunctional Tote $298

My first stop was Michael Kors. The sales lady showed me the Jet Set Multifunctional. This bag has an inner padded pocket that fits a Macbook. As a bonus it is sand and water resistant. It also has a sturdy handle that can be worn on your shoulder and seems pretty ergonomic. And it comes in a ton of colors!

Across the street was one of my personal favorites, Tumi. Tumi stands behind their products 100%. They are conservative, stylish and made to be used. They showed me two options, both scratch, sand and water resistant with a computer compartment.

Don’t let the name fool you, compartments GALORE!! Even side pockets for sneakers,  the Baby Bag is my personal fav. But geared more towards a gym bag/purse then an everyday bag.

VOYAGER Baby bag

VOYAGER Baby bag $395

FInally, I went to Lululemon, They have a nice “gym bag” but I wouldn’t consider it a purse. The removable wet storage bag is the best feature I’ve seen yet!

Lululemon Vinyasa to Vino Bag $128

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 9.29.44 PMAnd if you’re not schelping around half of your life every day like i do, then the basic hobo bag would be great. Something that goes on your shoulder that is black or grey  & versatile.  Every brand makes this bag from $20-$2000. You can easily find one to fit your budget .

Tech Mesh Tight $108 Lululemon

Lululemon Tech Mesh Tight $108

Yoga Pants,  when can u wear them ? Aside from heading to a yoga class I wear them whenever I want to be comfortable. If u have a good backside , show it off!!! Black pants are so versatile . They are not substitute for slacks or skirt but for daily errands around the city and if you work in a laid back or fitness environment ….perfect.                                                       I’ve even been known to throw on a pair of black wicking pants and a sports bra under my shirt when I go out dancing on the weekends . Why not? Keeps u cool and looks cute. If I can get away with it, I’ll rock sneakers under my black pants if not- boots or stilettos look great with tight black pants.  Nobody has to know they are from Lululemon! Shhhhh!  

Did I mention that these pants cost as much as a pair of designer jeans?

Capri pants- These are a little bit trickier. Capri pants say “fitness ” all over them. When u wear a pair of capri work out pants you imply that you work out, in one capacity or another.

People will assume you are either coming from a workout or heading to one. Trust me, I hear it all the time.

Can u wear these out with the girls on a weekend day ? Depends how comfy you are within your own skin. If u are going to or from a workout, and catching up with your friends, sure why not. If ur too lazy to pick out an outfit well….. then why do you own other clothes?!!? Don’t opt for workout clothes b/c you are lazy. It shows! James Perse is one of my favorite designers to mix and match with my workout gear for a more stylish “dressed up” look.

To sum it all up, the right purse, layers, mixing work out gear with regular clothes and understanding when its appropriate vs. outright rude are the keys to getting away with wearing your workout gear when you’re not kicking butt in the gym!



Blog written by Jaclyn Sklaver