Fuel your MultiSport Lifestyle

Fuel your lifestyle with a plant based, all natural pre work out drink that actually works! I was never a proponent of Pre-workout drinks until recently when I was given the opportunity to try Vega Sport Sugar Free Energizer.

Admittedly , I have always been skeptical of pre-workout drinks. I don’t like to put anything artificial into my body for a false sense of energy. I have a MutliSport lifestyle. I do everything from skiing & hiking to running and most recently I joined Team Missfits to compete in an NPC Bikini competition. This meant taking my usual weight lifting  routine and kicking it up a few notches. After reading about Vega Sport I was eager to drink a plant based, sugar-free pre work out drink.  DSC_0951

The drink comes in individual packets perfect a 16oz bottle of water. (Lemon-Lime or Acai Berry) I tried the Acai Berry flavor.  I threw some packets in my work bag, some in my gym bag and kept the rest on my kitchen counter. The directions say to take it 20 mins before a light workout. So I tried them before Bikram Yoga, HIIT, powerlifting and a few runs. Needless to say they work well for a little more then a light workout! As a matter of fact, I use them during my work day as well for an after lunch mental pick me up!

Now I drink Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer before EVERY workout . I love the drink, it doesn’t have any crash, doesn’t keep me awake at night and unlike some harsh workout drinks which do a number on my stomach, Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer was easily digestible.

With every GOOD supplemental drink if its made from the most natural substances it’s not going to mix perfectly  it may not taste like your favorite

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.53.05 AMdessert.

Tips on making this drink as enjoyable as possible :

DO NOT USE COLD WATER- it will not mix, it will separate into chunks.

Using room temperature water allows the drink to dissolve instantly and the taste become similar to an iced tea. Its easy to drink and will be easier for your body to convert to fuel.

BE AWARE – it stains. Once again, anything with natural plant extracts probably has a strong color to it, this product will stain your counters and your clothes so try to avoid getting it anywhere but in your bottle or cup.

Heres some great facts  about the product taken from the Vega Sport Website