What does the color of your fitness clothing say about you?

ImageSo many brands, no many colors, so many style and so many options…..So what do the fitness clothes you choose say about your personality?

I TRY to stick to the same color themes matching my clothing to my sneakers, my leggings to my tops etc…but I would be lying if I didn’t say that I have over 19 pairs of sneakers and 20 pairs of leggings in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes to match my personality or activity each day.  I spend about 10 mins daily deciding which combination outfit I will wear to work out, depending on the activity , functionality, weather and workout environment. But the real decision making starts in store…at the point that I decide to buy a specific item in a specific color.

Fitness clothing is functional which makes its pretty easy to tell the story of the person in the clothing. Leggings are now an expression of your personality, sneakers have become not only functional but also fashionable and brands like Nike tell a story in a 3 phrase motto letting everybody know your personality with in one glance.   But what do the colors that you choose say about the person inside the clothing?

RED: Symbolizing awakening red exudes power, energy, and a passion for life , extrovert, impulsive, sexy

ORANGE : Vibrant health, creativity, new ideas, confidence, joy, sensuality, ambition, sports, positive emotional health

YELLOW: Center of attention,freedom, optimism, mental activity, concentration, open-mindedness

GREEN: Security, abundance, nature, heart matters, new space, new beginnings, balance

BLUE: Authority, deep thinker, peace, organized, practical, devotion, structure, communication, introvert

PURPLE: Transformation,  spiritual self-realization, truth, creativity, recovery, healing, leadership

PINK: Unconditional love, affection, flirting, open to love, hearing, calmness

BROWN: Growth, security, practicality, work, money, commitments, determination to succeed

BLACK: Suppresses and protect emotions, independent and strong willed

WHITE: New start, confident, simplicity

GRAY: Cautiousness and suppressive

WARM color combination (Red, Orange, Yellow) – Warm, energizing ,happy, inviting

COOL color combination ( Blue, Purple, Green)- Soothing, calming and cool, give a sense of space

What color will you be wearing today?