What drives you everyday?

Training for my first NPC Bikini competition had made me question everything I ever knew about fitness, and why I choose this life.  So, what drives me every day?

It’s not just about lifting weights, it’s certainly not about being skinny, walking in clear heels and having an orange tan.

It’s every day from the second I wake up to the minute I close my eyes and even during my sleep.
It’s about every decision I make, every option I take.

There’s no team pushing me to a PR, there’s nobody yelling in my ear to do that last set, there’s nobody telling me to run that extra mile.

It’s all about me and how much I want this.
I have only myself to push, improve or let down.

Obstacles can easily become excuses but instead I make them challenges.

How do I get stronger if I don’t have a spot? Find one – a Smith machine
How to I do a pull-up if I can’t lift half my body weight ? Get assisted bands
How can I do chin ups when I weight 150lbs ?  One at a time
How can I grow my legs with a back injury ? Carefully
How can I keep going when many professionals can’t help the pain? Figure out my own body- Rest, Repair, and Rebuild.                                                                                                             How do I pass up the cupcakes, pizza and ice cream? Definition, seeing my body build itself into a work of art.                                                                                                                                     How can I wake up everyday at 5am to workout? Passion.

Truth is – I can’t barely sleep because my dreams start when I wake up.

Do I feel antisocial, am I missing out on life? NO- my life has just begun
Do people treat me differently? Every single day but it’s in awe of my accomplishments , my willpower, my dedication and my ability to push beyond the limits of average

I’ve never been stronger mentally or physically, I’ve never felt or looked better in my life and every single day I stare at myself in the mirror in awe of the accomplishments I’ve managed to obtain. By myself, for myself.

What drives me every day? Being the best me I can possibly be.