Yes, this is really happening !!

Maybe I’m an emotional mess due to carb depletion and PMS but I just shed tears during a lifting session at the gym.

Anybody who has seen me workout would only expect tears of pain never of joy. Most people who know me well can probably tell you they have never seen me shed a tear at any point in my life. It takes a lot to make this girl cry. So, standing here in full beast mode lifting more then the guy next to me shedding a tear is not a typical Sunday afternoon for me!

But today is the start of Peak Week. Which means I get on stage in 6 days to show off the past 13 weeks of hard work, dedication and determination. But for me it goes beyond 13 weeks,  Its truly 20 years in the making. At 15 years old my Dad would drive me to the local gym after school and I would lift weights 5 days a week wishing I could look how I do today. I had women who inspired me, who I would stare at while i worked out but I never thought I could be that woman.

In the 90’s I would watch Corey Everson on ESPN’s morning workout shows and do everything she taught me. I did abs of steel on my VHS in my bedroom every night throughout high school.  I played every sport and continued to lift throughout college.

The universe works in mysterious ways because this has been a dream and a goal of mine since I can remember but I never realized it until I began training for my first NPC competition 13 weeks ago. And finally it’s coming true.

Words can’t do justice to how I feel,  that’s probably another reason why I keep finding myself crying. And its purely out of joy, accomplishment and pride.

Yeah, I think I need a lot more work, and yes I’m scared to step on that stage like you won’t believe. But I also know I have worked so hard physically and mentally to get to this point and I’m so happy with how I look and feel that no matter what happens Saturday I know that I fulfilled a dream 20 years in the making.

So here’s to all of the double workouts, hours of meal prep, lack of social life, and spoons of PB –

Its time to begin the real fun- Peak Week…….can’t wait to write more!!!