Fitness Mantra

Words of encouragement, motivation, inspiration, your fitspo…what keeps you going when you’re at your limits? What gets you up when you want to just stay down? What keeps you ticking? Fitness and motivational quotes go hand in hand, its like Peanut Butter and Jelly. We all have our motivational quotes that we relate to but do you have your own?

Over the past week I have been asked separate 3 times during interviews and meetings- what is my “fitness matra” So I gave some thought to it….my first response was” Its not if you can or can’t its how bad you want it”.  Truthfully, I do think that to myself a lot when I’m working out. But, it’s not original, its not MY fitness mantra it belongs to somebody else.

During my run yesterday I set the intention to come up with my own fitness mantra. I didn’t think about it too hard, I just acknowledged the thoughts that flowed through my head while I was pushing myself to conquer my evening cardio/5 mile run. (FYI, running is NEVER easy for me) 

And within my first mile it came to me……It will happen. I said it the other day and I love it! Not only in fitness but a pattern repeated throughout my life, when I want to accomplish something, IT WILL HAPPEN. 

And that is my fitness mantra


what’s your fitness mantra?