Sweaty Skin Solutions !!!

Top 5 tips for keeping your skin as healthy as your body. I work out twice a day that means twice a day I sweat and twice a day I shower. My skin is probably crying on the inside and sometimes it shows on the outside. I turned to Mimi Kopel, Holistic Esthetician, Graduate of the Institute of Integrated Nutrition and Equinox South Beach in house Esthetician  for her tips on how to keep my skin fresh and clean even after 4 hours of sweat!

#1 – Take Probiotics

There is a type of acne caused by sweat. It causes an over growth of yeast that when produced can normally ,your body can 157690126fight off. But in certain people your body can not keep up with the overgrowth. This over growth causes acne. So, take a probiotic with about 85 – 100 billion probiotics per day.  If you already take one, try increasing the amount.

#2 Never wear your workout clothes more then once

(Not sure who does this but I guess some people do!)

Take your clothes off  immediately after a workout. If you can shower, and change into fresh clean dry clothing.

#3 – No Make-Up!

This isn’t a beauty contest so leave your make up at home! If you arrive to your workout with make-up on take the time to wash your face in theGood-Skin-182x171 locker room. Your pores need to breath. You will be happy you did, less clogged pours leads to less make-up later.

#4 Wear loose fitting clothing ( or as I like to do, the less the better)

Wearing snug clothing from synthetic fibers that causes friction is a big cause of body acne. Sweat does not cause acne..but it can exacerbate it if some one already has over production of oil. Personally, I like to wear wicking clothes, the tighter the better but it causes me to break out.  Recently I have found when I wear a sports bra top ONLY, so I don’t cover my stomach or back I’m much less prone to acne.

#5 Pat your skin DON’T WIPE

It is very tempting to take a towel and wipe your skin dry but be aware, you are moving bacteria from one area to the other clogging any unclogged pores. Take your towel and pat your skin to absorb the sweat rather then wipe or rub. I started togym-towels follow this tip 2 months ago and I see a huge difference in my facial acne post workout. And don’t forget to change your towel often during a long workout.

Mimi has many more tips for you to keep your skin as healthy on the outside as your body is on the inside.

10533252_315902235242325_2700740023197691792_nYou can schedule an appoint with Mimi for her services at Equinox South Beach or during her monthly visits to NYC for more info or appointments contact her directly at :

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