So Fresh and So Clean

As fitness enthusiasts or fit pros we all have a few pairs too many of overpriced leggings, a closet full of sneakers and probably spent more money on our workout gear then any other item of clothing in the past 6 months.  This goes for men and women…..don’t lie guys you know Lululemon men’s store is calling your name too!

Some people are blessed with a washer & dryer in their home or apartment building and some of us have to struggle with laundromats and wash & fold services. Either way, the main objective is to keep our valuable FAVORITE gym clothes in the best condition the longest. This means preserving the latex, spandex, compression, threading, durability and size as long as possible. I have some awesome tips on  the best way to wash your fav gym clothes

#1. DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN THE DRYER THAT YOU WANT TO LAST. Any wicking, spandex, compression, performance gear can not be put in high heat. This means you wash it cold and you hang it to dry. If you think thats a pain imagine having to walk 2 Avenues with the laundry back & forth just to do a load of wash then complain to me.

#2 USE PROPER DETERGENT. If you don’t know yet,  WIN DETERGENT make the best detergent for your sweaty stink gym clothes. From endurance athletes to bodybuilders we all have to get that funk out of our sweaty clothes. Oil and sweat needs special attention.

#3 When you get home to your workout IMMEDIATELY hang your clothes to dry, do not let toss them into a hamper wet so mold can form. I shouldn’t even have to tell you this. I hang mine in the bathroom overnight then they go into the hamper, DRY.

#4 Hand wash those favorite leggings.…check labels if it says hand wash, you better do so. Some leggings can’t have friction or they lose integrity and the design.


Get a magic white eraser and go to down on those dirty kicks. Every day when you get home, clean ur scuffs. Nobody likes a dirty pair of kicks and the magic white eraser is now your BFF.

And ladies don’t forget your hair bands, they can be hand washed in WIN and hung to dry. Super busy??  Take them in the shower and wash them with some body soap or shampoo.

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panties, socks, cotton tanks, tshirts, sweatpants, anything you don’t mind shrinking


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