Top 6 things to know when dating a woman who lifts.

1. She will always be hungry. It doesn’t matter if you are hungry or not. She doesn’t care if you eat 1 or 15 times a day just make sure she gets to eat when she needs to. Chances are she has her own food ready to go, but just in case she doesn’t- you better ask if she is hungry every couple of hours.

2. She will have callouses. It’s not pretty and she probably spends a good amount of time every day making her hands as manageable as possible. But she will have callouses and there’s not much she can do about it. Even if she has the nicest touch in the world- be prepared for the grip of a calloused hand.

3. She will have bruises. Collar bone bruises, shin bruises, thigh bruises and an occasional pelvic and maybe forehead bruise. That’s what happens when barbells and plates slam against your body all day. Think of it as a sign of all the hard work she puts in.

4. Men will make comments to her all day long. Whether they talk about her legs, squat booty, or arms they will constantly ask her about her body. They may even do it when you are around but there’s nothing to worry about because she is secure with herself and she is dating you.

5. She works really hard on achieving her goals in and out of the gym and she probably expects her partner to do the same thing. She wants support on her goals but a strong woman needs a strong man-  be supportive and proud of her accomplishments but have some of your own as well .

6. She is still extremely soft inside. No matter how much weight she can put up,  how hard her muscles are or how tough she seems on the outside she has a heart of gold. The passion required to excel at lifting carries over in all areas of her life, including relationships.