The No Cooking Meal Prep Experiment

This past week was 100 degrees and  I was so exhausted from finals, job changes and training that cooking food for meal prep was the last thing on my mind. There was no way I wanted to turn on my stove when my A/C could barley keep up with the heat from outside. So I did an experiment which turnout pretty well in the end.

Monday night i picked up a Rotisserie Chicken from the super market. I get 3-4 servings from just the breast alone, and if I ate dark meat I would about 6 meals. But with just the breasts at 3oz each meal I had enough for 4 meals. My neighbor likes dark meat and to my surprise she had some breasts left over from her chicken so we swapped out meat. Now I had about 7 meals of chicken breast.

On Wednesday I bought another chicken  ($4.99 at Costco) and traded with my neighbor again. That gave me another 7 meals.

I bought 3 bags of lettuce, slices mushrooms and tomatoes and made salad for some meals. The carbs came from sweet potatoes (which I cooked in the microwave for 8 mins) Or some came from the high fiber wraps I buy weekly from Joseph’s Bakery .

My AM meals were on the go I had protein shakes or protein pudding with Peanut Butter, some days I had oatmeal with PB and Protein powder which I cooked in the microwave. I also picked up a bag of cooked hard boiled egg whites during my travels.

Meals 2/3 were chicken with sweet potatoes, raw veggies and berries OR chicken over salad greens.

Meals 4/5 were chicken over greens, or Tuna wraps with avocado, lettuce and Joseph’s wraps.  I also made a delicious Caprese Salad with Tofu (just b/c I’m feeling tofu this week) But it could’ve easily been made with mozzarella cheese.  (see picture above)

Before bed I had casein pudding.

Snacks were dark chocolate hummus on pita with fiber jelly, fruits and berries with FF Whipped cream.

All of this while on a cut to make weight, no stress easy, no heat complete meals prepped for a week.