Keto- Chocolate Raspberry Mousse

This has quickly become one of my favorite snacks or meals on the go while I’m in keto. The best part is that it takes about 120 seconds to make and really hits your chocolate cravings. Some Keto things don’t taste like real dessert- this does!

Servings 8

221 Calories 20g Fat/7net carbs/1g protein


1 pint heavy whipping cream

6 tbs of raw cocoa powder

1 cup frozen raspberries

1 tbsp raw stevia

6 scoops Further Food Collagen Powder


Combine all ingredients except raspberries  into a deep bowl. Fold Cocoa powder into the cream then whip with beater or by hand until peaks form.  Add in frozen berries.


Alternative :

Make it without the cocoa powder , add 1 tbsp Polaner’s Sugar Free high fiber jelly