Healthy French Toast!

Eating clean doesn’t mean you have to ditch your favorite breakfast foods! In fact you can get a delicious healthy meal that perfectly hits your macros by chowing down on some French Toast! photo (2)

Ingredients :

2 Slices of Ezekiel Bread

2 Egg whites (or 1 yolk 2 whites)

1 TBSP Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil


Wadlen Farms Syrup


Defrost 2 slices of Ezekiel Bread

Place 2 Egg whites on plate and soak the bread in the egg whites until fully absorbed

In a medium sized nonstick pan put 1 TSBP of Coconut Oil over medium -high heat

Once pan is warm place the egg soaked bread into the pan, Cook for about 3 mins and flip, you will see when the bread and egg starts to cook. Flip until both sides are fully cooked and slightly cripsy on theedges.

Place bread on plate, top with a few shakes of cinnamon and Walden Farms Syrup and ENJOY!

Calories aprox 280                       On my nutrition plans this meal is 


Carbs – 32                                         1 Carb

Fat – 8  (13 if you use 1 yolk)            .5 or 1 fat

Protein 20 grams                             3oz Protein ( for extra protein make egg whites on the side)