My version of low carb Nachos ( Paleo if you leave off the sour cream)

Cooking time, including prep : 30 mins

Servings about 3- 4 reasonable servings (add more chicken breast for larger portions)



1 Yellow Pepper

1 Orange Pepper (red works too)

Chipotle Lime Meat Rub or taco rub

2 boneless chicken breasts – Diced or cubed

2 avocados

1 tomato- diced

1/2 Sweet or Vidalia Onion- diced

1 TSBP chopped cilantro

2 lime slices

1tbsp Olive Oil

Light Sour Cream (optional) for Paleo leave off sour cream 😉



Slice peppers into large sections about 1” thick to use as a substitute for a nacho

Place aside or in fridge


Prepare the guacamole

Dice Avocado

Dice tomato

Dice onion

Throw into a bowl with cilantro and squeeze the 2 limes on top then mix/mash all together

Place aside or in fridge



Take diced chicken breast and toss in chipotle rub

Put olive oil in pan over medium/high heat

Add chicken

Cook until chicken in thoroughly cooked



Place sliced peppers on a plate

Put cooked chicken on top of the peppers

Top with guacamole

Top with a dollop of sour cream

*you can also add jalapeños if desired!



Store the remainder in Tupperware with peppers , chicken and guacamole in 3 separate containers to maintain crispness of peppers J