Jaclyn has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. As a Certified Sports Nutritionist, Master’s Degree Candidate in Nutritional Sciences, NASM certified personal trainer and USAW-L1 Weightlifting coach she is passionate about sharing her active lifestyle with others and helping them achieve their goals with nutrition programs & education. Her business FitmissNYC (fitmissnyc.com) has brought success to 100s of athletes now with Athleats Nutrition, Jaclyn can bring sports nutrition to athletes nationally.

Jaclyn works with clients of all levels including performance sports, high school, NCAA, professional (NFL, NBA, MLS, MLB, PGA), competitive bodybuilders, weightlifters, MMA fighters, CrossFit and endurance athletes. Jaclyn has begun her second season at Chip Smith Performance System through Dymatize Nutrition helping to prepare. NFL Combine athletes.  Whether you are looking to increase strength, performance, body composition, hydration, recover from injury, make weight or train for competition, Jaclyn develops a program for every type of goal.

Her very personal approach is rooted in her philosophy that each individual body is different and requires a tailored plan and approach focused on scientific principles of nutrition. She knows that proper nutrition requires understanding and education. The science of sports nutrition is the easy part, being able to explain the knowledge to clients in a way that makes nutrition easy to follow is Jaclyn’s specialty.The knowledge Jaclyn provides to her client’s sets them up for success outside of the gym from  grocery shopping, cooking, eating out and even while traveling.

Jaclyn uses her experience in macronutrient planning to develop a nutritional program which complements your active lifestyle which includes micronutrient & digestive considerations. For clients that have specific health needs or concerns, Jaclyn engages a Registered Dietitian when programming.

Jaclyn understand the lifestyle of a competitive athlete, she has played basketball,  D1 Crew, bodybuilding, and currently trains as a Masters athlete in Olympic Weightlifting. She leads by example and has personally followed many nutritional protocols to understand the physical and mental application of her clients.

As a believer in continuing education, Jaclyn is a CISSN Sports Nutritionist, and holds a NASM-CPT, & USAW-L1 certification. She is also a member of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Currently she is a student at the National Strength & Conditioning Association studying for her CSCS, and is a graduate student of Human Nutrition at University of Bridgeport. Her focus is on therapeutic nutrition for post injury recovery including concussions.

Jaclyn is a contributing editor to Muscle & Fitness Hers, featured contributor to Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Shape, & Fitness Magazines. She is also a contributor to FurtherFood and educates other fitness professionals, coaches & athletes about nutrition through educational seminars.